Bob Coles Institute for the Media Arts & Technology
The WNYMMP plans the construction of a new facility, The Bob Coles Institute for the Media Arts and Technology, directly behind The Broadway Theatre. This will also be the home of the WNYMMP Museum. This new facility will be modeled after the Donald Savage Flexible Theatre at Buffalo State College that doubles as a studio space for acting classes and a theatre. Movable risers and seating will allow the space to be reconfigured as needed. It will be equipped with a full inventory of lighting equipment (including 124 dimmers) and a digital sound system. Support spaces will include a control booth, dressing rooms, wardrobe, maintenance room, and storage rooms. This space will be used for informal events, as well as mainstage productions requiring the flexibility and intimacy of a smaller space. Additionally, here students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of performance experiences from staged readings to improvisational games.

First floor (click to enlarge pdf)

Second floor (click to enlarge pdf)