The Michael J. Miller Lounge
The WNYMMP is honoring Michael J. Miller by dedicating one of the new add on buildings in his name. The Michael J. Miller Lounge will consist of a reception and concession area, restaurant, restrooms, and coat check. The 2400 sq. ft. lounge can hold up to 150 people. It will be used for event intermissions, fundraisers, and private functions. WNYMMP is planning to construct the lounge on the vacant property adjacent to the theatre.
Michael J. Miller, 51, of Wheatfield, NY, President of the Board of Directors for the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, died on August 27, 2009. As an active preservation leader for Western New York, Michael inspired many volunteers from the City and throughout the surrounding suburbs to become committed to the preservation efforts for the Central Terminal and the East Side of Buffalo. His passion for the area's history was infectious. His demeanor and enthusiasm not only encouraged scores of people to become involved but to stay dedicated for the long term.

He was encouraged by the possibility that recent plans for High Speed Rail and associated development could be the catalyst to bring the Terminal Building back into reuse and be saved for other generations to enjoy.

Michael previously had served as the Board Treasurer and spearheaded the effort of creating a broad mix of events bringing the public back to enjoy the Terminal.

Michael, recently hired as the Executive Director for Preservation Buffalo Niagara, achieved this position of his dreams. He knew he had the opportunity to help make a significant contribution to bettering our area.

The loss of Michael has been deeply felt by all those associated with him.

They say no one is irreplaceable. Maybe no one will be exactly like Michael because he was a gentleman by every measure and worked tirelessly to make things better for those around him.

We wish to extend our most heartfelt condolences to Michael’s family, coworkers and many friends.


Mark Lewandowski, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Volunteers of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation,